Mark Muñoz

Lame Song Fashion Fit Screw Neck Tee (Women's)

$45.00 USD

Dark Heather Grey
“This hipster with a keen goatie kept coming back over and telling me I have to play this song he had. Everyone’ll go crazy if you give it a spin.’”
“No thanks or not right now, I told him again and again. He must’ve swung by at least five times. Big mistake saying I’ll check it out later.”
“‘What you’re playing’s been pretty weak. I’m tellin’ you, give this a spin…’ he says the last time. The bouncer was coming over to pull dood off my stage when hipster dood throws in a your music sucks’.”
“I wasn’t waiting for no bouncer. I never saw the guy’s face when I stiff armed him but I do remember sticking my hand in his mouth when I did it.”


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