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Welcome to Star Showroom. Please Pardon Our Appearance As We Are Remodeling.
Welcome to Star Showroom.
January Product Launches

January Product Launches

So? How was last year? How does it rank up against the last three years?

Whatever your answer, we hope your trend line is upwards and onwards. January is the time to strategize about how we can do better than we were doing before. It's a time to take measure of what we were able to get done and what we still have left to do. We take the January Renewal Theme seriously as it's this time of year that we are setting our plans for what we’d like to accomplish too.

A Battle Mindset

We started out by expanding our camouflage offering with two new prints; the more traditional floral camo and the digital camo. You’ll see more floral camo in the marketplace from other brands, but less so with the digital camo. We took the digital camo and made it a bit “blockier”, to make it clear what it was, and also as a play on pixels from the gaming culture.

Pair them with the Still Here or Carpe Diem tank and you’ll be battle ready.


A Higher Gear

When things get tough you'll need to level up to a higher gear to power through.

Trying to create a 4D design pattern, is the tesseract design from Mark Munoz’ muz collection. We know a point has zero dimensions, a line has two dimensions, a cube has three dimensions (length, width, and height), then what is the 4th dimension? 🤯🤯 

If considering dimensional graphics makes you hungry also, we present the bubble tea and sushi camo patterns. We like these when we’re not taking ourselves too seriously. They provide a nice balance opposite the showroom sunburst pattern. 

The last pattern we are starting the year with is the polygonal. We put it in the Garnet birthstone color for our January babies. Pair it with the Enlightened tank and close the month strong. 

There are a few other new designs in there, but hopefully you see where we are going with this.

A Final Word

This year will mark the beginning of a new series for us called WordPlay. We will take mantras that are meaningful to the collection, thus creating a collection of its own. Click here to see what we’ve built so far.


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