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Welcome to Star Showroom.

Skater Katie Fashion Crew Neck T-Shirt (Women's)

by mūz
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$45.00 - $45.00
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Brand: m ū z by mark muñoz

Skater Katie
I decided on assuming a starfish shape at the bottom of the pipe. “You okay, dood?” she asked after watching gravity do its magic on me. “Never hit a half pipe before, huh?” “Don’t sweat it. We all fall.” “I’ll show you how if you want.” I’m pretty sure that’s what she was saying.
Nothing came out of my mouth except lame incoherence denying my newbie status, all of which she would’ve known was a lie if she stopped riding the pipe back and forth around me between sentences.

UHS Girls' Skateboarding Team

After Skater Katie peeled me off the floor, we began chatting about how she wished there were skateboarding competitions when she went to high school. She then started talking trash about how many championships her and her skate crew would've racked up. I absolutely agreed that a girls' skate team would've been an amazing sight while I was in high school.



Color: Heather Blue