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Certified Good Hair Crew Neck T-Shirt (Men's)

by mūz
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$45.00 - $45.00
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I was covered in mud and bruises. My right knee was starting to give out around mile 4. Barely a quarter of the way up the sandbag carry, flanking me on all sides were faces of collective despair, all posing the same question: why am I here? Crush my will, break my legs, shake my resolve... This Spartan Super was trying to defeat me. 

I looked up to see a Spartan chick staring at me during her respite.  

“You have good hair,” she said through a mask of grit and dry earth. She offered an encouraging fist pound which I gladly took and reciprocated. Spartans do such things.

Fatigue. Cuts. Scrapes. Faltering willpower. Add a grumbling stomach longing for some steak and potatoes. All I had left was good hair to carry me to the finish line. 

It will have to do.


Brand: m ū z by mark muñoz


m ū z by mark muñoz Certified Good Hair T-Shirt for Women



Length (inches) 27.2 28.0 29.1 29.9 31.1 31.9
Width (inches) 18.1 20.1 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0


Color: Dark Heather Grey

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