Mark Muñoz

m ū z by mark muñoz Predators Crew Neck Tee (Men's)

$45.00 USD

Caribbean Blue
Independence Red
Kelly Green
Heather Green
City Green

Man, this guy is tall.

I repeated that to myself, meeting my first NBA player as a client. Focused on the job at hand, he was impressed with my art and presentation. We sealed the deal with a handshake, a very big handshake, like trying to shake a catcher’s mitt.

As a child, everyone believes they can play in the NBA. I was fast, I could pass and I went 82-0 in NBA Live that year. In a fantasy tryout for my own edification, I volleyed one of the questions every basketball fan has wanted to ask.

"Tall NBA guy,” I began, “can you pretend to block my shot as I pretend to shoot a ball?”  

In his mind, I threw down the gauntlet. He did not pretend. In baggy jeans and a humongous coat even for him, he went right into his All-Defensive First Team stance. I dribbled into an air crossover for all ages to shake him, yet when I went up for the shot, the universe disappeared. "Where are all the stars?" I imagined.

Like a human cobra, he eclipsed my entire view and I would have released that imaginary ball right into his chest. Two decades of dreams dashed in a moment. I was not cut out for the NBA.

Alas, a new goal materialized. One day, should I ever own a team, I will find twelve Tall NBA Guys, and they will be the Apex Predators.   🏀 

Brand: m ū z by mark muñoz



    S M L XL 2XL 3XL
    Length (inches) 27.2 28.0 29.1 29.9 31.1 31.9
    Width (inches) 18.1 20.1 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0



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