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Welcome to Star Showroom. Please Pardon Our Appearance As We Are Remodeling.
Welcome to Star Showroom.

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has changed the way we do everything, from business to social interaction. 

As we follow guidelines from the CDC, WHO, US Department of State, local governments, and health agencies we wanted to take a moment to say we appreciate your patience, in advance, as we navigate this unprecedented time.

Our fulfillment times will be longer than usual, and may continue to increase until things get back to normal. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers.

Below are some quick questions and answers concerning our business during this time. As always, you can bookmark this page for updates, we'll inform you as we are informed.

Is Star Showroom Still Operational?

1000% though we've been advised that production will take longer than usual.

With shelter in place protocols in effect many of our partners are working at a reduced, basic capacity.  For the most part, that means some orders are being fulfilled from International fulfillment centers, where they are running on a more normal schedule.

In the United States, our partners advise us that fulfillment teams are working on a voluntary basis. Everyone who is healthy and willing to work is welcome to. Those who can work from home, already are.

In addition, extra measures are in place to keep the fulfillment teams safe, like staggering shifts, maintaining a 6-foot distance between each station, setting up partitions at tables in break rooms, and distributing PPE such as safety masks and gloves. 

One of our partners even has an on-site wellness clinic with health consultations available 24/7 over the phone.

What's Happening With My Orders?

Rest assured, they are on the way.

We are continuing to fulfill orders, although fulfillment time will take longer than our previous maximum of 7 days. Some product categories are taking 2-3 weeks for fulfillment as delays are being felt across our supply chain and industry-wide. Even Amazon has expressed that it's experiencing delays of up to 1 month.

Orders are being routed to where they'll be fulfilled most efficiently, which could mean internationally as explained above.

Keep in mind that with longer fulfillment and shipping times, orders might not make it on time for occasions like Mother's Day or Father’s Day. Place your orders well in advance!

Our newest product the m ū z girl Coloring book is available to ship immediately. Please order it here.


In closing, we'd like to wish good health to you and your loved ones and hope that you’re doing as well as can be expected during this difficult time. 

Thanks again for your patience, please feel free to get in touch with any specific questions.


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