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Wall Art


The Showroom Collection

The Star Showroom Gallery Collection consists of works that feature the prominent graphics we use on our products. We offer two types of experiences; Framed Canvases and Framed Portraits. For those that purchase our framed portraits, consider replacing the artwork by just buying the poster.


m ū z by mark muñoz Circa 2016

Bringing together more than a dozen individual works, with more on the way, the m ū z by mark muñoz collection features Mark Muñoz’  series of animations. m ū z is a diverse line of color-rich, energetic designs, derived from individual muses, each possessing their own personality, style and most of all feeling.


Star Showroom Flag Collection Circa 2017

New to the Gallery for 2017 is our Flag Collection. We thought this was a new way to showcase diversity and pride for our users and their heritage. You'll find many countries and states presented in a clean but creative fashion that can be hung at home or the office.


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