The mūz alias NFT

‘mūz alias’ is a sub-grouping of mūz merch based on the collection of 4500 unique NFTs that are based on three mūz archetypes: the dreamgirl, the enigma, the badass.

What is an NFT?

The acronym NFT stands for Non Fungible Tokens.

The term FUNGIBLE means able to replace, or be replaced, by another item. Synonyms would be exchangeable, substitutable, or switchable.

The popular example of a fungible item is cash. 

If something costs $5 USD, you can pay using one dollar bills, a five dollar bill, quarters, or any combination of currency because they are fungible, interchangeable and not unique.

Therefore, if something is non-fungible that means it cannot be replaced, exchanged, substituted, etc.


A TOKEN is something that serves as a visible representation of a thing, fact, quality or feeling.

So a NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN would be a visible representation of a thing that is IRREPLACEABLE or unique. But what is the thing?


The thing in this case is a unit of data (or block) on a blockchain.

Since there cannot be two of the same blocks on the blockchain, this makes each data block unique. These data blocks are identified by a hash which is a series of characters, 64 characters long. To efficiently refer to these blocks, they can be represented by different things such as; songs, videos, avatars and in our case, digital images.

This uniqueness is what creates the inherent value of the NFT; there are only so many, and no two are the same. As such, one NFT can sell for a premium price, and increase in value.

OK, I Understand What an NFT is But Why Would I Want One?

In short, it's an investment. A person would buy an NFT at a certain price because they expect the price to go up, and could make money by selling the NFT at a higher value.

NFTs are highly collectible and offer the same opportunity as art, sneakers, baseball cards, or other memorabilia.

NFTs also empower their creators. Buying an NFT is another way to support the creator just like buying a T-Shirt or coloring book.

Ok, So How Do I Buy the mūz alias NFT?

Step 1 - Create a crypto wallet.

Step 2 - Buy Ether (ETH), which is the leading crypto currency used for NFT transactions.

Step 3 - Find a marketplace or minting site.

Step 4 - Connect your wallet and buy an NFT using your ETH.


At this point you can sell or display the NFT as you see fit.


a panel of dreamgirl images from the mūz alias NFT

Introducing 'the dreamgirl' NFTs. Each one is unique.



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