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About Star Showroom


For brands and online marketers, Star Showroom is the growth partner of choice. We help our client-partners grow and retain customers by using strategies focused on driving engagement and ROI. We believe in being data driven, and consumer centric in today's omni channel environment. Our Marketing Solutions include email, attribution, display, social, affiliate and retargeting technology, and is supported by world-class customer service.

As a marketer, and let's face it we all have to be, you'll want to distinguish yourself and the products you are affiliated with. Star Showroom is a team of creative professionals from the graphic, sales, design, marketing, sourcing, and programming disciplines. We create focussed products that appeal to real people with real interests. Many professional marketers use our platform as a back office for their web based businesses. We like to think of ourselves as The Brand Behind Your Brand.

For consumers that value uniqueness and involvement, we push the boundaries everyday in terms of creating impactful products that will resonate beyond what can be found for mass consumption.  We are driven by design and deliver our services and experiences to a highly selective audience.

We want our products to inspire our consumer-partners to engage and co-create with us. Utilizing an efficient design and execution process, we pride ourselves on the products created that consumers feel compelled to advocate for.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable anyone to make products they are inspired to produce by providing a framework to engage with others that share the same passions.

We do that by:

  • Enabling anyone to become a brand/marketer.
  • Providing superior customer service.


Our Vision

Our vision is of an inclusive, sustainable practice, where people can share their passion for products, while building a  business around the experiences those products facilitate.


Our Values

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

  • Quality - we work to continuously improve our products via customer collaboration.
  • Transparency - we are committed to a culture of respectful teamwork.
  • Efficiency - wastefulness is a sin.
  • Effectiveness - we don't do it if it doesn't support the vision.


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