m ū z: Jennie the Juke

m ū z: Jennie the Juke

BBall Jennie m ū z by Mark Muñoz   BBall Jennie


I know I’m the smallest guy on the court but does that mean I have to guard the girl? (Actually, it does cuz we were both playing point.)

I ain’t gonna try too hard. I’m gonna hurt her. Constant reminders to myself that she was just a girl.

She gets the long rebound. Fast break. I’m last guy back. I got this, just don’t be too rough on her.

She stutter steps at the top of the key then crosses over to the left. I’m half a step behind but… huh?

Where’d the ball go?

I turn my head and see the tail end of her trailer finishing a wide open lay up.

Proving the genius of Adam Sandler, his words echoed in my mind, “I trusted you but you juked me.”


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