m ū z: Mahal, The Love.

m ū z: Mahal, The Love.

m ū z by mark muñoz. Mahal.


Description: She’s the personal ideal that every guy has in his head about a girl. Pure and beautiful.

Personality Type: Honesty, humble beauty, homebody,

Interests: Nerdy pop culture, makeup, cooking

Triggered by something innocuous – a sideways glance, a seemingly docile statement, maybe even an unexpected, random gesture - you’ve fallen for her. You’ve known her for what seems like a lifetime then in one instant, you realize she’s everything you’ve ever wanted. All you have to do now is tell her…


“If you just led with liking Seinfeld and comic books, I would’ve liked you on the spot. 

“Trying to talk to me about how nice my shoes looked put you in the same place with every other idiot who hits on me.”

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