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m ū z: M., The Killer

M. from m ū z by Mark Muñoz.


Description: The off-limits girl, whether it’s her choice or your’s. She’s awesome but untouchable.

Personality Type: Acquired/learned badassery, brainy,

Interests: Action, physical activities, health

She's the badass. Don’t mess with her. Don’t try to lie to her. Don’t try to put anything past her. She plays chess while you play checkers and she sized you up from the moment she saw you...

At an NYC party, I see an old, ‘sort-of’ friend from across the room but I wonder if I was ever regarded enough to be remembered by her.

I decide against making a phool of myself and do not approach her. 

I wander throughout the night in this dark club/lounge, most of the time aimlessly walking.  My lack of direction intersects with her as she slaps my arm to get my attention.  She did remember me.
We talk and chat like we knew each other, (which we really didn’t).  The conversation flows to our mutual acquaintance, my exgirlfriend and the times we partied together because of her.  As a shy girl, it was hard for her to loosen up and she said she appreciated my efforts to get her involved in the festivities, despite us not knowing each other all too well. 

“You made me want to have fun,” she admits as we share a laugh.

“In my head, I pretended you were my boyfriend a couple of times.”

I stop smiling with the realization that this girl is untouchable.  Her face changes to match mine as she accepts that I can’t do anything with the admission she just laid at my feet.

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